"My body...My will...Is my own...not the shadows to controll..."

Letharas Dragonsoul/Romar is a young Blood Elven Paladin in training, he is of nineteen human years in age and is not only training in the way of the light but also with the ways of the mages, as well as being naturally gifted to some shadow magic due to Aeloth's curse. It is unknown of his background fully and as to why the ones who do know keep it a secret but it seems he is related to Keyal Romar in someway thus an heir to the Romarian throne, However even when discovering a connection he firmly stated that he will follow his own path and not the one layed out infront of him. Right now it seems the only friends he has in Romar are Sabulaine and Drex, alltho due to the most recent events of Letum Neco that friendship might be heavily strained. It also appears to those who watch that Katarina and Letharas have a strong relationship. Letharas eventually lost his friendship with his two closest friends and was left with his love intrest which was probably the only thing keeping him together for a long time. Letharas continued to work loyally for Romar and kept his name for the throne a secret as he did not wish to seek to embrace his parentage. During an attack on Romar from multiple demons Amoravath appeared and revealed the Letharas died with his parnets at a very young age and instead somehow ended up as a shard of Odium which had taken up his persona and kept him going foor all those years. Amoravath however ripped out the shard and left Letharas in a comatose state within it. Back at Crimson Twilight Headquarters Amoravath returned him and told him secrets and information about many things which is unknown to all but him, He tried to resist but Amoravath was punishing him for being an impudent fool when Drex, Auvedina and Beckett along with a good deal of Romar Soldiers attacked the Monestary, Auvedina and Drex were ultimately the two to free Letharas from his Torture, It is unknown if he followed them back to Romar after Amoravaths Defeat.